Conference Resources

2018 Spring Presentations

Joe Du Fore- Keynote

Imagine: Imagine Education as it Could Be, Lives that Learn, Education that Lives, a Classroom Ahead of the Curve

V2 Re-Imagine Education

Maggie Beachner & Carissa Gober

Assessing Dispositions of Teacher Candidates

MACTE Presentation EDA

Dr. Michael McBride & Tim Wall

MACTE as an Advocacy Tool

1. MACTE as an advocacy leader 3-26-18

Dr. Katie Bahm

The Integration of Character Education and its Impact on Teachers’  Professional Practice

Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education 3-2018

Dr. William Kerns

Lessons Learned from the Planning of a Quality Assurance System

Lessons Learned from Planning of a Quality Assurance System

Michelle Schwartze

Where Can I STEM in Elementary?

Laurie Kingsley, John Lannin, and Sankalp Shivaprakash

Developing CAEP-Approved Signature Assessments (and their role in continuous improvement)

Dr. Linda Gray Smith, Dr. Greg Rich, Dr. Everett B. Singleton, and Dr. Tim Wall

Impact of Field Experiences on Candidate Perceptions

Candidate Perceptions of Diverse Clinical Experiences

Timothy Hanrahan, Joseph Davis, and Carrie McCray

What’s Next? Supporting Students in MEGA Testing while Increasing Compliance with CAEP Standard 1 and 5

Bob Martin

Coding the Conversation

 Assessment on the Fly with Formative Assessment Tools

Barri L. Bumgarner & Marsha Tyson

Thinking Outside the Four-Walled Classroom

Odin Jurkowski, Cecelia Brewer, Chalice Jeffries, & Kathryn McCormick

Support Structures for Integrating Technology into the Classroom at the University of Central Missouri

 Dan Shepherd

1: Field Experience Impact & 2: Professor Clothing Preferences

Field Experience Impact/ Professor Clothing Preferences

 Natalie Cobb

Pro/Con/Pro in the Final Clinical Experience

Pro Con Pro-MACTE Spring 2018

Shelton Smith

The Administrator’s Role…Support Good Teaching


Turki Alqarni, Tanyathorn Hauwadhanasuk, & Husain Alruwaili

Attitudinal Outcomes of College Students Towards Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

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