Conference Resources

Spring 2019 Conference Presentations

Edward A. Williamson and Gail Slye

Unlocking the Golden Door of Freedom

Greg Stotler, Cara Barth-Fagan, Nicole Nunn-Faron, and Shawn Young

Grassroots Recruitment

Nicole Nickens and Andy Campbell

Under the Surface: What New Teachers Need to Know about Trauma-Effected Students and Trauma-Informed Care

Presentation Handout

Janet Spallo Mitchelson, Sarah Hicks, Natalie Cobb, and Brant Winn

Retaining Missouri’s Quality Educators: Keeping Our Program Completers in the Profession

Laurie Kingsley, Sankalp Shivaprakash, and John Lannin

CAEP Standard 4: What the %@$& should we do?!

Session Notes

Kim Nuetzmann, Sankalp Shivaprakash, and Beth Kania-Gosche

Revised MEES and Training Overview

Rubric with changes tracked

Brant Winn and Dianne Maroney

The Imagine Project : A Powerful Tool to Help Individuals Overcome Trauma and Stress

The Imagine Project Adult Journal

Daryl Fridley

We’re Going APE for Assessment: An EPP Annual Program Evaluation System

APE Review Form_2018

APE Template

Guidelines for 2018 Ed Prep Annual Program Evaluation

Kara Swofford, Kerry Moore, Colleen Hardy, Tina Keith, and Christy Patrick

An Artisan Experience: Design and Collaboration of a Mid-Level Clinical

Michael McBride and Kelly Benson

Content GPA: A Worthwhile Measure?

Michael McBride 

MACTE Advocacy: Goals and Strategies

Michael McBride and Tim Wall

Return of the MoGEA

Michael McBride, Greg Rich, and Tim Wall

MEES Artifacts: Pilot Results

Joseph Haughey, Mike McBride, and Nissa Ingraham

Embarking on the AAQEP Journey

Michelle Schwartze and Kelly Carter

Building Lifelong Teachers Through the Use of Dispositions

Christopher Maglio

Anxiety in the Classroom: Anxiety and Anxiety-Related Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Maggie Beachner and Kristi Mascher

Student Teaching Seminar: A Professional Development Model

Cherona Hicklin, Carissa Gober, and Kathy Tackett

University & K-12 Partnership Promotes Quality Teacher Candidates


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