List Serv Information

MACTE List Serv Information

In order to better facilitate communication between members of the Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Edcuation (MACTE), several list serv options are currently available for members.  Non-Members may also post a message to any of our list serv’s.  Messages posted by non-members will be reviewed by the List Serv Administrator before being sent through to the members of that list serv. PLEASE NOTE:  Only current, paid MACTE members may subscribe to one of the MACTE Listserv’s (except the Assessment Director’s List Serv).  If you are not currently a paid member, please return to our homepage and download the membership paperwork.  During the membership process you will be asked which listerv’s you would like to join.

To send a message to the members of a list serv, please click on the appropriate link below:


MACTE members who are Deans or Unit Heads of Teacher Education programs in Missouri:

Everyone who is a members of MACTE.  If you want to send a message to EVERYONE, this is the one to use.

All MACTE members who work in the area of Clinical/Field Experiences AND all Certification Officers

MACTE members who work in Community College education programs

Assessment Directors and individuals responsible for Education program data at Colleges and Universities in Missouri. Members of this group do not need to hold active MACTE membership.

Friends of MACTE are non-member individuals, groups, or professional organizations who are interested in receiving our message and getting involved in MACTE’s goals.

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